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the sea and you

Waydoo Flyer One electric surf board / eFoil

Have you tried our electric surf boards / eFoils? and you love them? 
We know your answer is YES!

Now you can buy your very own board and enjoy cruising across the ocean, rivers and lakes. Feel the freedom and the wind passing by. Watch the fish beneath your feet. Discover more and further.

You have the option to get either one of our used boards, or otherwise we will get you a fresh, brand new board. Both options are great, if you would like to enjoy a slight discount, then you can go for one of our rental boards, used just a few times and taken care of, we sell them with a guarantee, in case there is any inconvinient, you will be always covered.

Carbon boards start at 8399€, and EPP foam boards at 7399€. There are different possible configurations and set ups, let us know you want to buy a new or used board down in the form and we will get in touch to find the best option for you.